From 2014 to 2016, I was Web Science Architect at the Zooniverse, the world’s largest citizen science platform. Zooniverse.com has over 1.5 million volunteers helping scientists with the problems that machines suck at, but humans are great at, such as species identification, pattern recognition, or handwriting transcription.

While I was there, my role was to design and implement experimental infrastructure that would allow us to study our volunteers as they used the website, and to conduct experiments using that infrastructure. The most significant of these projects was my research into what motivates volunteers to continue categorising animal images on the Snapshot Serengeti website. This is detailed in a separate post. I also helped develop and promote the Zooniverse Project Builder (a.k.a. Panoptes – see below) and worked with researchers from the University of Manchester to deliver experimental interventions on Galaxy Zoo.


This is a poster I presented at HCOMP 2015 explaining the Zooniverse Project Builder. Original PDF version here





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